About Us

163387_531785826840581_1312524971_nFilm Garage Studios gives local talented creative personal opportunity to have their projects produced, hands on training, employment and a feature project work plan with assured marketing network. Film garage studios operates all over Africa but with strongholds in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Burundi, Congo, Nigeria, South Africa.
Main objective.
“FILM GARAGE Studios”, marketing culture, providing employment and economically empowering the community, individuals and the government through Television and Film productions.
Film Garage studios will become multimedia studio that will empower creative economy in African artists with a platform to believe and see their ideas from stories on paper to screen.
MISSION: A leading multimedia investment studio in Africa that delivers positive financial returns to its investors and funders, supports its investers through the provision of affordable and flexible capital, assured market network and highly social and development impact on small production companies, thereby encouraging greater investment in the African television and film industry.

IMG-20160505-WA0024 - CopyHow we work?
With the theme “Employed by talent”, we search for talented new media professionals and amateurs with a desire to use the art within to change their lives.
We have an age limit of 15yrs and above for technical professionals selected but no age limit for any one submitting a project or acting.
Professionals from all major and minor aspect of production, that’s say from Cameramen to minor runners on shooting set, are considered. Its an open call, where we select the best low budget television and film projects which can identify with our local society and then adapting into international audience. The projects must relate with our community socially, politically and economically, project that will impact the market; these are the projects we facilitate production finances. Produced project with Film garage studios are either sold or distributed and market through our network. With any new production 60% are new professionals we have never worked with before and with hands-on training program before any production, they are oriented into the system procedure and more to learn is on job experience. Through this professionals and amateur artists are trained, given experience and professionally paid.