Garage Women Foundation

Garage Women Foundation;

We are committed to supporting women across all media segments, to expand networks, educate and celebrate accomplishments. Our purpose is to bring talented, dedicated, established and up-and-coming women in media together. Our members benefit from shared ideas and experiences, and receive access to professional training and the acknowledgement they deserve.

Women in media conference Uganda.

The major objective of the conference is to create and facilitate a platform where the TV and Film industry stakeholders reflect, discuss, strategies to create/strengthen a balanced creative economy which benefits to all actors.

Mapping Mama Africa,

Training program for only female filmmakers that will run through African film festivals. We operate with
Regional film festival in calling for applicants who will undergo a five days training workshop. Working with established female filmmakers from all parts of the world. The program doesn’t only empower African female filmmakers but also aiming at creating a film grant for Female African filmmakers.

Next Generation.

The next generation program travels around schools working with known TV and Film actors and acting directors to host film and TV charts with both high school and primary students.
Free film screenings to schools and also TV and film training programs for students in primary and high schools.
This is an inspiration program aiming at empowering a well natured and disciplined new generation of television and film industry stake holders.
We initiate interested students into screenwriting and other production aspects of the industry.

Film Exchange.

Just like other academics exchange program, the film exchange program is designed in the some way but only that here there is a short film to be seen after the program.  Film Garage studios works with two local film and television training centre to get the program through and also professional filmmakers willing to volunteer to work with the students.
The exchange film program encourages and works with foreign film schools and film students to making their students short film in East Africa.
The program is open to all international institutes and international students; it’s either the student or the institute which supports the cost of production for the short film or if necessary for us to provide any documents while the students or institute sources funding for the film will be happy to help. Why we call it an exchange program is that the student can come with three or four other crew members but the rest are local film aspiring students or training individuals who work on the project for free. The only expenses the foreign students under goes may include actors, pre-production, locations, equipment hiring if necessary, special effects crew, shooting rights and any few others. The program provides both local and foreign students an experience of working with new & mixed crew and networking. We hope this program will connect East African film industry to the film world out there for it will be the one of the kind around Africa, the program will create feature co-production between the local film makers and international filmmakers.   The program will only operates in East African countries Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and Zanzibar.