Film garage studios operates all over Africa but with strongholds in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Burundi, Congo, Nigeria, South Africa.


Our Work -  "Projects we have completed demonstrate what we know, future projects decide what we will learn"

We Are Best@

Financial facilitation Source funding for television and film projects which are still in development stage.

TV and Film Marketing

In past film garage studios has market lots of local films to international festivals and film marketing expo. 

TV and film Production. 
We have history in television and film productions…Therefore at film garage studio we take on commissioned Television and film project.

Production fixing
Sourcing out for experienced crew, casting, location scouting and equipment hiring deals

The key stages of our end to end video or film production service include:


This is the foundation of any video project. Cutting corners here or making mistakes can cause problems to snowball in the later stages of production. It is for this reason that we always insist on a full pre-production schedule for all projects. It ensures a quality video, but also allows us to control the process so that work is delivered on budget and on time.


This is the “capture” phase where we go out and gather footage. Either on location, in an office or a professional TV studio, the rules are the same


This is where everything comes together and is the easiest stage if the pre-production and filming have been done correctly.


After the rough cut, we pause the post-production briefly to get customer feedback and input.

Post-Production (cont.)

Finally we do the polishing. Sound levels are balanced, colours are corrected and filters (effects) added.


Following completion of the project, duplication and distribution is taken care of. At this stage you can expect two DVD masters free of charge, with bulk duplication/replication available at highly competitive rates.Preparation for web can also be provided